When talking about a typical Italian breakfast, we must first refer to local traditions. From...
2018-11-06 11:52:44
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The advantages of a typical Italian breakfast

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When talking about a typical Italian breakfast, we must first refer to local traditions. From the top down of the peninsula we find a myriad of different eating habits that start from the first and most important meal of the day . In the south, coffee and croissants usually prevail, followed in the summer by the classic granita, while in the north you go to the classic brioche coffee. Of course it is not a matter of science, after all each of us has personal tastes and preferences in the food sector.

However, it is impossible to deny that Italian breakfast brings substantial benefits to our health. A mix of fruit, dairy products and carbohydrates guarantees at least 15% of the daily energy requirement. Furthermore, being highly digestible allows you to stay light for the rest of the morning. The crucial aspect lies in the balance between calories, energy and pleasure. Ideal, in this case, brioche, bread and baked goods.

The latter should be accompanied by a drink, be it milk, fruit juice or coffee. Even yogurt and tea are excellent alternatives to supplement water, sugars and mineral salts. Furthermore, a natural source of fiber such as fruit is recommended. Bananas, oranges, apples and so on and so forth. All a panacea to integrate vitamins and antioxidants .

The ultimate goal is to reach 400 kcal, while avoiding taking pre-packed food. The best results are the reduction of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, with a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes . In addition, a proper breakfast helps avoid hypoglycemia between meals thanks to protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber. Do not forget the scientific confirmations on the positive impact of breakfast on the Body Mass Index by reducing the acquisition of fat and decreasing hunger during the day.