Catania is an unmissable location in the culinary field, and especially when it comes to street...
2018-11-06 11:53:18
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Street food a Cat

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Catania is an unmissable location in the culinary field, and especially when it comes to street food . With street food we are not referring only to the classics of the Sicilian tradition but also to the latest news from the rest of the world. Street food has the main characteristic of being very cheap and often incredibly appetizing.

Once you arrive in Catania you cannot help but try the famous local horse meat , sold both at the cut and already cooked and processed. The meatballs, in particular, are a signature dish and are usually served together with vegetables and a variety of seasonings. Excellent also boiled and grilled meat, prepared in front of you and placed at your choice within the home bread. Otherwise, you can also cook yourself with the convenient formula of arrusti e mangia , literally roast and eat.

Another staple of street food in Catania is the rotisserie. Pizzas, pizzas, arancini and so on are readily available in any bar and offer an explosion of taste for less than € 2 apiece. We particularly recommend cartoccite ​​and spring onions, especially those with Nebrodi black pig , along with typical Sicilian pastry. Also at the bars you can order the classic granita with brioche, a sweet and cold interlude to quench any hint of hunger. Also try cannoli and martorana fruit , as well as almond pastries already packaged and ready for transport.

In the various traditional stalls scattered around the streets of the center, especially during the holidays, there are also dealers from calia . These are assortments of toasted nuts with extremely low prices to be enjoyed strictly hot. Identifying them is easy: just follow the columns of smoke. Likewise, we recommend stopping at Pescheria and tasting fries and fresh fish based preparations as a paranza and shellfish.

There is no lack of ethnic hints, ranging from Mexican to Thai. The latter can be easily found at street food fairs, on all the Street Food Fest which takes place from 17 to 20 May. For the rest, just take a walk in Catania to be filled with goodness even in the most hidden alleys. Here, quantity goes hand in hand with quality.