It is no secret that more and more tourists and travelers choose a B & B for off-site stays. The...
2018-11-02 11:06:37
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6 reasons why to choose a B & B for your next vacation

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It is no secret that more and more tourists and travelers choose a B & B for off-site stays. The reasons are many, from the convenience to the freedom of movement that is offered to guests. Below are those that are generally considered the best by B & B users.

The quality / price ratio
On average, a room in B & B costs around half that of a mid-range / high-end hotel. The amount we are talking about is around € 30 per night, including breakfast and services. Well under € 60 you can find accommodations comparable to 4-star hotels, plus the convenience of having to deal with an informal and welcoming environment.

Genuine breakfast
One of the biggest problems in the hotel is the low quality of the breakfast, often prepackaged. A B & B offers not only a free but well-prepared breakfast, in most cases prepared by the owners by hand. Local, natural and 0 km products. The Zagara is an example.

Many services included
Internet connection, parking, snacks, water, technological comfort and cleaning all included in the price. You pay (little) once and then you don't think about it anymore. And even if you want to use extra services, the price is almost ridiculously low.

Freedom of movement
Go back to your room at 3 am and find the light on? Possible in a B & B, given the very nature of the type of structure. In a self-respecting Bed and Breakfast the owner or his employees will be ready to welcome customers at any time and with a smile.

Originality of design
No B & B is the same as another. Sometimes, behind the design of these structures lies the work of renowned architects, if not the hand of artists belonging to past historical periods. In any case, being in front of themed rooms or simply extravagant rooms is more than possible.

Attention to the customer
Unlike the cold and detached atmosphere of many hotels, in a B & B you can breathe an air of home. The owners are always friendly and helpful and it is in their best interest to put customers at ease. And if you need help or suggestions on what to do, see and eat, just ask at the reception.